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Scott Drake 1964 Ford Mustang 64-73 Auto Trans Shift Bushing C5ZZ-7A133-A
Model: 3016740
Condition: NEW
Made from a wear resistant plastic, better than the originals. Two required per car. …
$1.99 ea $0.79
Scott Drake 1964-1973 Ford Mustang Brake & Clutch Pedal Bushing B7AZ-2471-A
Model: 3016802
Condition: NEW
Made from high strength, wear resistant plastic. Four required for automatic cars, six for manual transmission cars. …
$1.99 ea
Daniel Carpenter Clutch Pedal Rod Seal - Rubber C60Z-7533
Model: 3016831
Condition: NEW
Small boot that fits around your clutch rod located at the firewall. A usa reproduction of the original Ford. …
$14.99 ea $7.42
Scott Drake 1964-1973 Ford Mustang 64-73 Speedo Gear Retaining Clip C1DZ-17292-A
Model: 3014917
Condition: NEW
This clip holds the speedometer cable gear to the end of the cable. …
$4.99 ea
OER Red 37 Teeth Speedometer Gear 1359271
Model: 3069936
Condition: NEW
This is a reproduction speedometer driven gear, identified by both its tooth count and color. Replace your worn out, stripped or damaged original gear or simply use a different gear for speedometer correction when changing rear axle…
$29.99 ea
Scott Drake 1964-1973 Ford Mustang Clutch Rod Bushing C0AZ-7526-B
Model: 3016821
Condition: NEW
Nylon plastic injected. Correct original design. Protects clutch and equalizer rods and removes excess play. …
$4.99 ea
Scott Drake 1964-1967 Ford Mustang 64-67 Auto Trans Shift Handle C5ZZ-7213-F
Model: 3016745
Condition: NEW
This one really came out nice. Pressure die-cast and triple chrome plated. Black plastic buttons and set screws are included. Will fit 1968 - 1973. …
$18.99 ea $16.96
Scott Drake 1966-68 Mustang Transmission Kick Down Cable Kit C6OZ-7A187-KIT
Model: 3140294
Condition: NEW
A 9-piece kit, our Transmission Kick Down Cable Kit includes our cable, lever, spring & bracket, along with all the hardware for simple installation. Will fit 1965 but must be used in conjunction with Accelerator Pedal Assembly p/n…
$54.99 ea $49.27
OER 1969-79 Turbo 350 Torque Converter Cover 465471
Model: 2030769
Condition: NEW
OER® reproduction of the original correct plastic torque converter cover (also called a flexplate/flywheel cover) for use with TH350 transmissions and a 153 tooth flex plate. Applications: 1969 Camaro V8 1970-73 Cam aro 307 Engine…
$77.99 ea $71.73
Daniel Carpenter Speedometer Drive Gear - Black - 7 Tooth - For 4 Speed Toploader Transmission C4DZ-17285
Model: 3014938
Condition: NEW
New speedometer gear for your Ford toploader tranmission. …
$31.99 ea $22.15
Differential Carrier to Axle Housing Gasket, 9 Inch
Model: 3310824
Condition: NEW
Differential Carrier to Axle Housing Gasket, 9 Inch  …
$10.99 ea
Daniel Carpenter Ford Mustang Automatic Transmission Shifter Housing To Floor Seal C5ZZ-7370
Model: 3246763
Condition: NEW
Ford Mustang Automatic Transmission Shifter Housing To Floor, Seal …
$5.99 ea $3.47
Scott Drake 1964-1968 Ford Mustang Shift Lever Rebuild Kits C5ZZ-7208-A
Model: 3212202
Condition: NEW
This kit is used to keep tension on the shifter where it connects to the shift linkage. A sign that this kit is needed is a wobbly, loose shift lever. This part is strictly for 4 speed shifters. The shoulder bolts are sold seperately or…
$24.99 ea $20.67
U-bolt Set - Universal Joint - 5/16-24 Threads
Model: 3200071
Condition: NEW
$10.99 st $6.07
Scott Drake 1964-1970 Ford Mustang Equalizer Bar Repair Kit (3 and 4 Speed Transmissions) C1DD-7543-KIT
Model: 3016830
Condition: NEW
A must for all manual transmissions. Includes felt washers, nylon ball bushings, washer and clevis clips. Improves clutch operation. Fits 6 cylinder and small block V8. …
$17.99 ea $15.59
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