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Custom Autosound Hide Away In-Car Antenna
Model: 2033774
Condition: NEW
Electromag Hidden Antenna, designed for optimum AM/FM reception. Excellent solution for Streetrods, Show Cars, Classics or any vehicle where a conventional antenna is not desirable. …
$47.99 ea
Power Antenna Extension Wiring Harness Kit
Model: 1029157
Condition: NEW
12ft antenna adapter extension cable with built-in capacitor. Universal cable with Motorola connectors. …
$20.99 kt
Ford Mustang Radio Antenna Assembly - Round Base - Economy Replacement
Model: 3244543
Condition: NEW
  Includes round radio antenna mast, chrome base mount and base mounting pad, and lead-in wire with grommet and nut.   …
$32.99 ea
Custom Autosound Full Size Universal Power Antenna
Model: 3428007
Condition: NEW
This full size power antenna is a great addition to any classic car. It will provide a cleaner, more modern look; it is also convenient when using car cover. The power antenna automatically rises when radio is turned on and lowers when…
$123.99 ea
Scott Drake 1964 Ford Mustang Reproduction Antenna C5ZZ-18813-B
Model: 3007752
Condition: NEW
Made by Scott Drake, this antenna is an exact match to the original. Includes everything needed for a trouble free installation: Mast, Chrome Base, Chrome Mounting Bezel, Base Grommet, Lead Grommet, and Lead Wire Connector Plug. Mast…
$26.99 ea
Antenna Extension Cable, 12"
Model: 3313780
Condition: NEW
Car Radio Antenna Extension Cable Standard Male/Female Plug/Jack 12" Overall Length Black Shielded Cable Premium Heavy-Duty Design …
$12.99 ea
Scott Drake 1964-1967 Ford Mustang Antenna Base Grommet C5ZZ-18A813-A
Model: 3172964
Condition: NEW
High quality compression molded neoprene rubber. Fits round base antennas. …
$1.99 ea
Scott Drake 1968-1973 Ford Mustang Reproduction Antenna C8ZZ-18813-AR
Model: 3007754
Condition: NEW
This aftermarket antenna includes everything needed for a trouble free installation. Original style rectangular base similar to original for 1969-70 concours version see part number C9ZZ-18813-A …
$26.99 ea
Fender Gripper® Cover, Black With Fairlane In White
Model: 3009176
Condition: NEW
Impervious To Oil, Gas, Brake Fluid, Coolants, Lacquer Thinners, Etc. Thick Cushioned PVC Material Is Super Strong With Nylon Mesh Reinforcement Guaranteed Not To Slide Off Fenders 22 x 34 Silk-Screened Logo Completely Washable This…
$41.99 ea
Daniel Carpenter Ford Mustang Radio Antenna Base Pad D1ZZ-18898
Model: 3248081
Condition: NEW
Ford Mustang Radio Antenna Base Pad …
$6.99 ea
Daniel Carpenter Ford Mustang Radio Antenna Base Grommet C9ZZ-18898
Model: 3207418
Condition: NEW
Ford Mustang Radio Antenna Base Grommet …
$8.99 ea
Radio Antenna Kit - Ford Open Cars & Wagon
Model: 3172374
Condition: NEW
All radio antennas are complete and ready to install. They include instructions and mounting templates. …
$277.99 kt
Antenna Instruction Tag - Ford
Model: 3140144
Condition: NEW
Antenna Instruction Tag - Ford …
$8.99 ea
Scott Drake 66-77 Bronco Antenna Base Pad C6TZ-18813-PAD
Model: 3130896
Condition: NEW
An exact copy of the original, Scott Drakes Antenna Base Pad is made out of high quality compression molded Neoprene Rubber with a beaded edge. Fits round base Antennas. …
$6.99 ea
Scott Drake 64-65 Falcon Antenna C4DZ-18813-A
Model: 3007753
Condition: NEW
This antenna is an exact match to the original. Features Scott Drake quality chrome base and nut. Ready to install. …
$54.99 ea
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