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Scott Drake 1967-1970 Ford Mustang 67-70 Trunk Lid Bumper C7ZZ-6543634
Model: 3150360
Condition: NEW
We mold these bumpers ourselves for the best reproductions on the market. Feature perfect shape, detail, and resilience in the material. Injection molded in E.P.D.M. rubber specifically for the Mustang, not a universal type. …
$3.99 ea $2.94
Scott Drake 1967-1973 Ford Mustang Trunk Lock Cylinder Housing Pad C7AZ-6543625-A
Model: 3013474
Condition: NEW
Precision molded pad to place behind the cylinder sleeve flange. Seals between the cylinder and trunk surface. …
$2.99 ea $1.89
Scott Drake 1965-1966 Ford Mustang 65-66 Original Pony Key Blank (Trunk/Glove) C5ZZ-6543562-B
Model: 3173625
Condition: NEW
Officially licensed reproduction of the original 64-66 Pony key for use with the trunk or glove box. Features the correct Pony logo on one side and "Product of Ford Motor Company" on the other. Keys sold individually. …
$4.99 ea $3.32
Scott Drake 1967-1973 Ford Mustang 67-73 Pony Key Blanks Trunk/Glove C7AZ-6243562-H
Model: 3162231
Condition: NEW
A Real Pony Key Blank for 1967-93 Mustangs …
$3.99 ea
Daniel Carpenter Ford Mustang Anti-Rattle Sleeve - For Trunk Hinge Tension Rods C5ZZ-6545028
Model: 3135277
Condition: NEW
  When vibration causes these rods to touch, the rubber sleeves muffle any noise.   …
$5.99 ea $2.81
Trunk Lock Cylinder Pad
Model: 3940781
Condition: NEW
We have the correct rear trunk lock mounting gasket used for 1963 through 1972 Galaxies. This is the small black pad that mounts between your trunk lid and your rear lock. …
$2.99 ea $1.89
Trunk Latch
Model: 3013483
Condition: NEW
New reproduction trunk latches for 1962/1965 Fairlanes and Falcons are now available. Part #trl100 fits 62/64 Fairlanes except station wagon. …
$50.99 ea
Scott Drake 1967-1968 Ford Mustang 67-68 Trunk lid striker plate C7ZZ-6243252
Model: 3251294
Condition: NEW
Original factory style trunk lid striker for 1967 and 1968 Mustangs …
$21.99 ea
Trunk Lid Bumpers - Black Rubber - Comet
Model: 3146252
Condition: NEW
Trunk Lid Bumpers - Black Rubber - Comet …
$5.99 pr $2.81
Trunk Lid Lock Cylinder Pad
Model: 3013485
Condition: NEW
$7.99 ea
Trunk Lid Lock Cylinder Pad
Model: 3013425
Condition: NEW
Small rubber pads that mount between your trunk lock and sheet metal. …
$9.99 ea
Scott Drake 1965-1966 Ford Mustang Trunk Lock Stem Extension C5ZZ-6543283-A
Model: 3228969
Condition: NEW
Exact reproductions of the originals for a perfect fit and the right look. …
$7.99 ea $6.13
Ford Mustang Trunk Lock Cylinder Pad - Black Vinyl - Fits On Sleeve
Model: 3212396
Condition: NEW
Ford Mustang Trunk Lock Cylinder Pad - Black Vinyl - Fits On, Sleeve …
$4.99 ea
Scott Drake 1964-1966 Ford Mustang 64-66 Trunk Lock Housing Spacer C5ZZ-6543565-A
Model: 3169491
Condition: NEW
Stamped steel housing spacer that attaches behind chrome trunk housing. Zinc plated. …
$10.99 ea
Scott Drake 1964 Ford Mustang 64-66 Trunk Latch C2OZ-6243200-B
Model: 3013478
Condition: NEW
Now made by Scott Drake. Heavy duty steel stamped construction with a bright zinc plated finish. …
$43.99 ea $37.31
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