Windshield Wiper & Washer
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OER 1962-88 Windshield Wiper Motor Grommet Set 4910180
Model: 2029686
Condition: NEW
This is a very good reproduction of the original grommets used to mount the wiper motor to the firewall on various GM models. This reproduction includes the original type steel sleeve built directly into the grommet. Sold as a set of 3…
$13.99 st
Windshield Wiper Arm - Chrome - Flanged End Cap - Reproduction
Model: 3013544
Condition: NEW
New reproduction of the original stainless steel wiper arms used in 1965 through 1968 Galaxie and n 1965/69 Rancheros, Fairlanes, Torinos and Falcons. …
$19.99 ea
OER Windshield Washer Jar Bracket Kit *K2535
Model: 3441539
Condition: NEW
Is your original washer jar damaged? Is your bracket bent beyond use? Maybe its time to replace them with this OER® reproduction kit. Kit includes: Washer jar Attaching bracket Washer jar cap Applications: 1967-69 Camaro standard…
$27.99 kt
Scott Drake 1964-1965 Ford Mustang 64-65 Windshield Washer Reservoir with Twist-on Cap C1AZ-17618-EA
Model: 3013517
Condition: NEW
High quality rubberized vinyl bag, with white silk screened FoMoCo logo. An exact copy of the original unit. …
$26.99 ea
Universal Windshield Washer Nozzle Set
Model: 3123389
Condition: NEW
Washer nozzle set replaces existing hoodmounted nozzles or can be added for a more effective spray. Kit includes two nozzles, connecting hose and spray adjust key. Drilling and extra hose are required on vehicles not originally equipped…
$18.99 st
Windshield Washer Bag Cap
Model: 3013525
Condition: NEW
Seal that windshield washer resovoir bag with these original style caps. Available in a variety of styles to match your application. 62/64 Falcon, screw top style …
$13.99 ea
Scott Drake 1966 Windshield Washer Bag with Flip Cap C1AZ-17618-E
Model: 3013519
Condition: NEW
High quality rubberized vinyl bag, with white silk screened FoMoCo logo. An exact copy of the original unit. …
$28.99 ea
Windshield Washer Bag Bracket
Model: 3013521
Condition: NEW
Correct metal bracket for use with most washer bags used from 1960 through 1967. Includes bracket and mounting screws. …
$14.99 ea
OER Stainless Windshield Wiper/Blade Arm Kit- Trico Style Blades *R865
Model: 3442047
Condition: NEW
Specifically designed for 1967-69 Camaro and Firebird coupe models and 1967-72 Chevrolet and GMC truck models, each kit features 2 stainless steel wiper arms and 2 Trico Style wiper blades with correct rubber insert. Measures 14-7/8". …
$106.99 kt
Ford Mustang Windshield Washer Pedal Pad - Rubber
Model: 3196842
Condition: NEW
Ford Mustang Windshield Washer Pedal Pad - Rubber …
$3.99 ea
Wiper Transmission Arm Clip
Model: 3013535
Condition: NEW
Replacement Of Original 2 Required This is the clip that secures the transmission arms to each other and the motor. …
$5.99 ea
Scott Drake 1967-1968 Ford Mustang 67-68 Windshield Washer Reservoir C7OZ-17618-A
Model: 3013539
Condition: NEW
Made by Scott Drake. Blow Molded Plastic Features Exact Detail With FoMoCo logo. …
$50.99 ea
Daniel Carpenter Ford Mustang Windshield Washer Hose Kit C7ZZ-17543
Model: 3228028
Condition: NEW
  Each kit includes the correct plastic hose Tee and correct diameter original-type black rubber hose cut to the proper length.   …
$9.99 kt
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